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What is CheerABILITIES?

Playing sports at any level can be a key part of a young person’s development and have a lasting impact on their life. Among its many benefits, being involved in athletics develops friendships, independence, confidence, mental focus, and, of course, physical fitness. Sports can teach valuable lessons about grit, discipline, teamwork  and, most importantly, the respect that comes with inclusion. 

These benefits are universal for all individuals, including those with disabilities. That’s the goal of USASF’s Exceptional Athlete Division —  to empower individuals with disabilities with an “I can do” attitude.  Individuals with disabilities have the capacity to achieve and to compete..


Program Highlights

  • Travel up to 250 Miles

  • Up to 7 performances

  •  Season Length May-April 2024

  • 1 practice per week (Sunday afternoons)


Pricing (Based on Start Date)

  • May 2023- April 2024 | $105 per month

  • June 2023- April 2024 | $115per month

  • July 2023- April 2024 | $125 per month

  • August 2023- April 2024 | $150 per month  


Need More Information?

CLICK HERE to fill out our information request form.


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