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What is CheerABILITIES?

Engaging in sports, regardless of the level, plays a crucial role in a young person's development and leaves a lasting impact on their life. Participating in athletics offers numerous advantages, such as fostering friendships, independence, confidence, mental focus, and physical fitness. Moreover, sports serve as a platform for imparting essential values like determination, discipline, teamwork, and, notably, the significance of inclusion and respect.


These benefits extend to everyone, including individuals with disabilities. The goal of USASF's Exceptional Athlete Division is to empower individuals with disabilities by instilling an "I can do" attitude. This division recognizes that individuals with disabilities possess the potential to achieve and compete, and it aims to provide them with the opportunity to showcase their abilities.


Program Highlights

  • Travel up to 250 Miles

  • Up to 7 performances

  •  Season Length August 2023-April 2024

  • 1 practice per week 



  • August 2023- April 2024 | $75 per month


Need More Information?

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