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About Us

Welcome to Cheer Dawgs Xplosion – Your Ultimate Cheerleading and Tumbling Destination in Douglasville!

At Cheer Dawgs Xplosion, we take pride in being the exclusive program in Douglasville that offers both Competitive Recreational and All-Star Cheerleading & Tumbling. Our dedicated coaching staff boasts an impressive track record, leading our teams to numerous first-place victories and prestigious titles, including Grand Champion, State Champions, National Champions, Best Choreography, and Most Entertaining. Notably, our coaches have been honored with the esteemed Coach's Award, a recognition reserved for the best-coached teams in the industry.

Our mission extends beyond just cheerleading and tumbling skills. We instill the values of teamwork and confidence in our athletes while equipping them with the necessary skills to excel as both competitive and sideline cheerleaders. Most importantly, we are committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals who will positively contribute to society.


- Boys & Girls aged 3 and up
- No prior experience necessary
- Tumbling skills not required

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